Third Party Reviews

Adam Edwards | December 03, 2018 |

"Love this place. Good cut and shampoo every time. Sign up for the “season pass” to get a discount every time. They don’t advertise it much but it’s the best deal I’ve seen among all their offers."

walker van Uitert | November 27, 2018 |

"Quick and nicely done great haircut"

Angela Sharp | October 13, 2018 |

"The hair stylist that cut my son’s hair did a great job and was quick and friendly. I’ll definitely use her again!"

Mike Porter | October 15, 2018 |

"Better than those discount chains. There's an old adage that "you get what you pay for." This is certainly evident at Sports Clips. You will pay more for a haircut here. Also, just like those discount places, you don't book "appointments," so if you have your heart set on a particular stylist, you might have to wait for them to become available. So are they worth the premium? Absolutely! -You will actually get listened to -they actually know about men's styles -they will (if asked) give you advice that actually is helpful and recommendations that will work with your hair. My needs are not that complicated (I usually go with the buzz), but they actually have time to attend making sure that the buzz is even throughout. At those other places, you'll often find stragglers. Opt for the "MVP", and they will wash your hair *after* the cut, which will get rid of those pesky hairs, and then they bring you back to the chair, and check for stragglers one more time. I really like getting my hair cut here, and for probably the first time in my life, I look forward to getting my "ears lowered" (in fairness, my first several dozen haircuts were inflicted by my mother, which probably colored my opinion of haircuts for many years) In summary, then: if you care about your hair, it's worth the difference in price to get someone who will listen, and cares enough to make sure that you're satisfied, rather that just another dollar in their wallet."

Alan Jackman | October 06, 2018 |

"I had a great experience"

Skyler Hanks | October 07, 2018 |

"One of the best haircuts I’ve gotten in a long time! Done in less than 30min, not to mention no wait time when I went on a Saturday. I’ll be going back there for sure! Thank you Sport Clips in Sandy!"

Brian Clark | October 10, 2018 |

"The girl who greeted me seemed annoyed I was there right from the beginning. Her interactions with me were short and showed no level of interest in me as a person or a customer. While I sat there getting my haircut listening to two other stylists making genuine, ongoing conversation with their clients, my stylist didn’t make one single attempt to talk to me, other than asking about my haircut. She gave off a constant vibe of “Let’s get this over with.” Despite the fact that she seemed incredibly rushed and disinterested in me, she did a very good job with the haircut, and the shampoo/hot towel treatment was great, which is why my review is 3 stars instead of 1. But when I’m paying $30 for a haircut experience, I don’t like it when I feel like just another warm body that they need to get in and get out so they can move on with their shift. The urgency didn’t even make sense, because there wasn’t anyone else waiting, and there weren’t any people signed in on the online que. it’s almost as if I was interrupting something and she was annoyed she had to stop to cut my hair. This is my second visit to a Sport Clips, and my first one was in the Orem University Ave location, and it was a 5 star experience. I won’t be returning to this location, which is frustrating because it’s 3 minutes from my house."

J Viehweg | October 01, 2018 |

"Friendly and professional"

Mary Ika | September 27, 2018 |

"We had a great experience! The girl that helped my son was so great & she did exactly what l asked & Jaden ❤️loved it."

David Prymak | September 27, 2018 |

"Haircut was great. Exactly what I wanted."